Yellowstone national park is not yellow

Yellow stone is not yellow because its blue,green and white and I am writing this post because it is the most beautiful place anyone would have ever been…

yellow stone is nearly 3,500 sq-miles and  would say that is huge, I was there for two days and the place gave me happy vibes. I was with my two brothers and we had quite a lot of things to do . As its a huge park you need to hire a car to move around in the park.

There are alot of spots that are suppose to be visited in the park out of which most of them were hot springs and gushing geysers.


img_1857img_1858(none of this pictures are edited and are clicked from iPhone 6)

So now I will tell you how where and why yellow stone national park ?

A) How to reach : I flew from Orlando to Salt lack city, Utah. From Utah the park is  5 hrs drive by car. We had a nice ride because we got to see lot of picture perfect views.

Nearest airport : Cody and Jeckson, WY

Buses & Trains : Southeast Idaho, Salt lack city & northern Montana

B) Accommodation : I stayed in the park at lack lodge ( getting accommodation within the park is difficult as it gets full for the season. prior booking is must)

if the hotels in the park are full you can look for the hotels outside the park as it will be cheaper comparably.

C) Food : You will find variety of food at few stops while going around the park. vegetarian food is also available at  most of the places. At every stop you will also find water filters.

D) spots : Old faithful (It has particular timing and can be confirmed at the park. The duration is only 3 to 10 mins so make sure you reach there on time there is also a big restaurant and ice cream there is amazing)

Grand canyon of yellow stone (it is as beautiful as grand canyon)

Artist point, Tower fall, Fountain paint pot and few other geyser points

E) Things to do: other then watching geysers and colourful hot springs there are a lot of things to do such as

Hiking ( if you want to hike there are trails on the sides. the most popular hiking track bunsen peck & uncle tom’s trail)

Fishing, Horse ridding, Camping, Rafting and Paddling ( there are rafting trips available at multiple spots in the park)

F) Wild life : We dint see any other animal then few bears, lots of bisons and deers img_1576-1



If you love nature its the best place to be. Over all the best experience. I would suggest atleast 2 days of stay so that you have plenty of time to see all the important places in the park, just make sure to carry clothes which are comfortable because the afternoons are really hot.

by Pari Gandhi

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