All about Nara.

Nara is an hours train ride from Kyoto. It was the most beautiful experience and a very wise decision to visit Nara at first place. There is so much to do in Kyoto that I was going to miss Nara and visit other places. Comparatively Nara is smaller then rest of the main cities but is very beautiful. There are mostly temples as tourist attraction. The best part about Nara was NARA PARK its located in the centre of the city and is the most famous tourist attraction.IMG_2092

Nara park has so many wild deers that roam in the park and around the Todai-ji temple. Its the best place where you can meet nature directly as wild deers played with me and I actually got chance to feed them. it is always open for public and kids would definitely enjoy in this park. It is a huge park facing the road. Getting to the park is really easy from the nearest train and bus stations. There are vendors from whom you can buy sika senbei (biscuits for deer) to feed deers.

Nara was once the capital of Japan and so the temples made are with extraordinary carvings and there are still few political houses which is on the way from the train station.

Todai-ji is said to be one of the oldest temples of Lord Buddha is in Nara. It is a huge temple with a huge statue of Lord Buddha The statue is 52ft and is made up of brass. The “Hall of the Great Buddha” is the world’s largest wooden building. Before you enter the hall there is a big metal pot with lots of joss sticks. There are no major lights in the temple so the hall is little dark. The lighting in the temple directly from the sun so when the sun is shinning bright the light in the temple is also bright. Luckily when I visited the temple the day was really sunny.



I saw a very interesting thing in one of the pillars of the “Hall of the Great Buddha”. The pillars are made up of wood and in one of them there is a mid size square hole and people pass from one side to another.

There is also a Todai-ji Museum located outside the south gate of the temple. The entry fees for the museum is extra 300 yen which has beautiful small statues and masks. There is a big statue of Load Buddha’s hands outside the museum.IMG_2109

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