hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted any blogs lately but i have been really busy these days due to festivals in my country. I have travelled to three countries back to back recently and will be happy to share the experience with you’ll.

Singapore is one city everyone loves, it is a holiday destination as well as paradise for travellers as there is a lot to explore in the city.

I visited Singapore in may and I think 3 days were enough for me. While coming back from Japan I travelled by Singapore airways, there after I have decided that I will only travel by Singapore Airways wherever possible. The experience was just better then any other airline. I decide to explore the city.

I would suggest to walk and see all the attractions of the city, according to me this city is small and easily walkable like that you can see the infrastructure of it.

Singapore has a vey typical climate, mostly has high temperature and it rains with no prior indication, High humidity all year around. Heat was one of the major problem for me as at the end of the day I got really tired so don’t forget to carry hat and sunscreen if you are planning to visit Singapore.

Singapore Flyer:

Singapore Flyer is a giant wheel located in the centre of the city and gives spectacular view of all the main attractions. This giant wheel started in 2008 and from then is considered one of the best things to do in Singapore. It is open all seven days from 8:30 to 10:30 giving amazing view of the city at night as well. Do not forget to book the tickets well in advance.

singapore flyer

Gardens by the Bay:

Gardens by the Bay is located next to Marina Bay Sands hotel. The garden has multiple entries and has three waterfront gardens. The gardens were made by Government of Singapore to transform the city, the city was then named “City in a Garden”. Gardens and Supertrees are beautifully lighted at night like a disco. Supertree are the tree like structure made in the middle of every garden. Supertree are not just a general structure it is also used to store rain water that is later used to water the plans in garden, these trees also absorbs solar light and uses it for lighting itself. As the garden is located by the Bay it has fantastic view of the city from all the sides. There are few amazing sculptures on all the sides of the garden and few even in the garden.
Flower Dome & Cloud Forest are indoor gardens made for plants which needs particular temperature.


Marina Bay Sands:

The sip like five star hotel in Singapore is known for its structure and its hospitality, more then a hotel it has become tourist attraction on its on. The huge hotel has its own mall and a museum. It also has casino in it. But what it is known for is the infinity swimming pool on the top of the hotel. Infinity pool has the most spectacular view of Singapore. There also a roof top bar located next to infinity swimming pool which is also open for visitors. You can also enjoy the view of the city from the roof top observatory of the hotel and see most of the attraction.

marina bay sands

art museum view from marina bay sands
singapore flyer view from marina bay sands

Merlion Park:

Merlion Park is actually not a park, but is a huge white lion fountain on the other side of Hotel Marina Bay Sands, Singapore art museum and Singapore Flyer, usually there are a lot of tourists around the Merlion so try to go early in the morning for beautiful pictures. The view of all three Marine Bay Sands, Singapore art museum and Singapore Flyer is amazing from the Merlion and you can also chill at the cafes. It is one of the most famous attraction because of its structure as it has the head of lion and body of a fish.It is always used as a symbol for tourist board.

evening at merlin park
merlion and marina bay sands
marina bay sands
evening at merlin park 

Sentosa island:

Sentosa island is a man made island that was built to bring best resort and universal studios. The island is located few mins away from the city. If you are staying in the middle of the city you can take half an hour bus ride which will drop you outside the VIVO city mall. I took a walk in the mall and got out of other exit which took me to the pedestrian boardwalk. You can also take monorail, cable car, or by road. Most people take cable car to see amazing view, and usually spend 2-3 days in the island but as I had very few days in my hands so I had only one day to see whole island.

The main attractions on the island is Universal studios, but I have had visited Universal studios twice in America and as its bigger then the Singapore one I skipped going there. But people who has not been to Universal studios should definitely visit it, It has the most fun rides and different shows of your fav Hollywood movies and animated movies. What i love the most about this parks are there restaurants, each restaurant has different themes.
Universal studios Singapore was the second in Asia and so millions of people come visit the park every year.

universal studios singapore
outside universal studios 

The only problem in Sentosa island I faced was it was a very hot and sunny to see anything there and most of the attraction which was opened in the beginning is now shut. the Tiger sky Tower which is the highest tower in Singapore and observation desk on the top of it is also now shut due to mechanical fault.

sentosa island
view of senates island from the broad walk
A art pc kept in the middle of Sentosa island 

I was not very happy with the island as I think people have just hyped it. Except visiting universal studios there not much to do. I only spent half a day in the island as i had nothing much to do and went shopping to VIVO mall. After shopping i wanted to track mount Faber which is located bang opposite and next to the main bus stop.

Mount Faber:

I am so happy that i visited Mount Faber as I think it was the best thing I had seen in the whole city, The mountain has a very peaceful and long trails and footpaths that took me to the top of the hill. More then the view from the top I more enjoyed the walk towards the top. There is city view point on the top of the hill where a smaller Marlion statue.merlion on the top of mount faber

No doubt, its a beautiful city but one thing I didn’t like about the city was its weather. There is not much exciting things to do and the city dint really make me happy. I think i could have chosen better places in the same budget. But I would definitely consider to visit the city after few years when they have something more to give to tourist like me.

mount faber trail


Pari Gandhi.

–Happy Travels–

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