what happens when you suddenly see flower beds on all the sides? isn’t it the most beautiful feeling? I experienced it when I went to Pink moss which is also known as Fuji Shibazakura Festival, patterns of different flowers on the ground and Mount Fuji in background is the most beautiful thing in this whole wide world. Walking and looking at all the attractive flowers which are in shades of pink is pleasing and peaceful. This festival starts in first week of April but its recommended to go in end of April and may, if you want to see the full bloomed flowers. Almost 800,000 stalks of Shibazakura of five different varieties are planted.

Fuji Shibazakura is is located few mins away from the main railway and bus station. All the trains and buses coming from Tokyo stops at Kawaguchiko station. From where I took another bus to reach the festival, I saw one lake in between which is one of the five lakes of Fuji which are located in base of Mount Fuji. Its a very scenic drive as i saw clear sky and small mountains near the lake. I would suggest you to book your tickets well in advance as being one of the most famous festival in Japan, its hard to find tickets due to rush. You can buy a return bus ticket from Tokyo to Shibazakura festival for 1750 yen

There is a platform on little height from where you can see and click amazing pictures of the garden and Mount Fuji.

There are stalls of local food baked sweet potato, corn, waffles, different flavor tea’s, soba and much more. But, do not miss to visit there bakery as they make desserts from sakura (cherry blossom). And also ice cream from ice cream truck.

A mini Fuji-san is created in front of Mount Fuji with pink and white flowers on top.

There is also a mini lake in the middle of garden, I took a walk on the sides and clicked few amazing picture from my iPhone 7plus. One thing I loved the most was the blue flower bed which was planted perfectly in one line.

For me it was a great experience to visit such a beautiful place, As I got back to bus station I realized I had an hour so i started walking in one of the lanes which was empty and I could sit on one side of the road and enjoy my Mount Fuji view. I was upset because it was my late second day Japan and I was going back to my country but i want to visit Japan may be once in two years as it has so much to give, so much beauty that everyone who visits that country falls in love with it. I can’t wait to go back and explore more… but for you all there are too many blogs coming up very soon! You can visit my Instagram profile to see more pictures.


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