Amanohashidate, Heaven on earth.

Amanohashidate is one of the most beautiful place I have ever been too, uncrowded yet most serene (I like such combinations- soothing for one’s soul). Whenever I plan a visit to any place I make sure to pick a time when it is going to be less crowded to get better pictures and of course I can enjoy it at leisure. But yes, one thing you need to check is the weather. The weather in Japan can be erratic so make sure you visit Amanohashidate on a sunny day. It is a one day trip from Kyoto.

Amanohashidate is 2.5 hours train ride from Kyoto station, you can take the JR Hashidate 1 Limited express train to directly reach Amanohashidate station which will cost you about 4,300 Yen.   I took 2 trains which costed me almost same. I changed the train from Fukuchiyama station.



You can purchase an all inclusive Amanohashidate day pass which includes all the city attractions like

  • The KTR train pass which you can take from Fukuchiyama station (round trip).
  • Cable car or Chair car to Kasamatsu park and view land park
  • Sightseeing boat
  • Rent a bicycle


Snapseed 10

As soon as I reached Amanohashidate view land, I preferred to take the Cable car while going up and chair car for coming down for a scenic view .The view as I transcended higher was just breathe-taking. As soon as you start going up you will see a beautiful view of 3 kms long sandbar each is covered with pine trees, Amanohashidate sandbar is also known as “The Bridge of the Heaven” as it looks like a pathway between earth and heaven. There are different activities and a small restaurant on the mountain. It has many different view points at different levels. Every tourist that came did a very unusual thing, They would stand facing their back to the sandbar, bend down and look through their legs. At first I thought it was absurd but after few localities there told me to try it as well  I did, and it looked like a beautiful bridge, “The Bridge of Heaven”.


After I came down  in the chair car I started walking towards the boat excursion , there are many small restaurants and local shops for shopping.

Snapseed 15

The sightseeing boat takes you around the island and the ride take approximately 10-15 mins from the starting point to the end point. The view on all the sides was divine and one can view lots of birds. While going on ferry I also saw people cycling on the Amanohashidate island. At first I was planning to take the ferry in return as well but I got really excited about walking back to the station.


After my ferry ride I reached the other side of the island, there is a big shrine known as Motoise Kono Shrine. I was very lucky and got to see a carnival and local dancing by people in their traditional attire. They had few food stalls too. I walked around the place and started walking towards the sandbar. Walking through the shadows of the pine and cool breeze blowing across the bay I spent a lot of time with myself. I was not lonely but alone and has a gorgeous setting to introspect. I almost spent two hours amidst this pristine calmness and mountain wilderness and I still had plenty of time to take my last train . Even my pictures do not do justice to the place.





As I started walking back towards the train station I saw beautiful small floating houses in the Miyazu Bay. If your schedule permits and you have the time you can indulge in some kayaking.

It is a great place to visit with friends and family.  It is a very safe place for a solo traveller but please don’t forget your camera’s for amazing pictures. Also wear a comfortable pair of shoes.

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Pari Gandhi


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